Drapery Pleat Styles


We make each of our Custom Drapes to order at DrapeStyle. Below are our "Standard Drapery Pleats" that are available online. If you would like a pleat that is not listed here, please call one of our Designers and we can provide you with a custom quote for your Curtains & Drapes.

Flat Drapery Pleat

Flat Drapery Pleat

The Flat Drapery Pleat is the simplest pleat style. Also known as a "Flat Panel" the top of the drapery panel is finished with buckram tape to keep the panel firm at the top. Drapery hooks are installed on the back of the panel which attach to the eyelets of the drapery rings.

French Drapery Pleat

French Drapery Pleat (also Known as a "Pinch Pleat")

Our French Drapery Pleat is our most classic (and popular) style and is also known as a Pinch Pleat. The drapery fabric is formed into a three finger "flute" and is hung using drapery pins.

Parisian Drapery Pleat

Parisian Drapery Pleat

The Parisian Pleat is similar to the French Pleat but on the Parisian Pleat the Pleat is "Tacked' at the top of the "flute". The Parisian Pleat is also hung using pre-installed drapery hooks.

Cartridge Drapery Pleat

Cartridge Drapery Pleat

The Cartridge Pleat is where the fabric is rolled into a cylinder at the top of the drapery panel. At DrapeStyle, we use a Patent Pending Device which is inserted into the Cartridge Pleat to keep the form of the pleat neat and uniform.

Inverted Drapery Pleat

Inverted Pleat

At DrapeStyle we offer two versions of the Inverted Pleat. The classic Inverted Pleat features a neat and tailored style with a 5-inch pleat.

8-Inch Inverted Drapery Pleat

8-Inch Inverted Drapery Pleat

Our 8-Inch Inverted Pleat is similar to the standard Inverted Pleat with double the pleat length.

Grommet Drapery Pleat

Grommet Pleat

Our Grommet Pleat is our most contemporary pleat featuring your choice of grommet color and finish. For our Outdoor Drapery Collection we use corrosion resistant Brass Grommets in a variety of finishes.

Rod Pocket Drapery


The Rod-Pocket Pleat, also know as a "Pole-Pocket" is a pleat where a pocket is formed at the top of the drapery panel. The drapery rod is then inserted through pocket. Drapery pins are not used on a rod-pocket panel.

Rod Pocket Drapery with 2 Inch Flange

Rod-Pocket Drapery Panel with 2" Flange

We can add a 2" Flange detail to the top portion of the Rod-Pocket Drapery Panel which adds a bit more uniqueness and character.