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Hi, We're DrapeStyle!

We love making custom drapes, curtains and shades and we've been hand-making them right here in the USA since 2002.

Making Custom Pillows

Watch Us Make Some Custom Pillows in Trina Turk Santorinni - Persimmon. We make all of our Pillows by hand, just like our Curtains and Drapes.

Making Custom Drapery Hardware

At DrapeStyle, when we say our Iron Drapery Hardware is "Hand Made", we really mean "Hand Made". We shot this short video while visiting our Hardware Manufacturer in Los Angeles.

Making Custom Drapes

Very few Companies are still Hand Making custom curtains and drapes in the United State any longer. At DrapeStyle we are dedicated to making our Drapes right here in Maryland and paying our Employees a livable wage. We are "Sweatshop Free" at DrapeStyle!

Commercial & Hospitality

DrapeStyle provides full manufacturing services for the Hospitality and Design Markets including restaurants, hotels and offices.

Friday Fun!

Just some Friday Fun at DrapeStyle!!